Troubleshooting - Earrings Pins

Troubleshooting - Earrings Pins

Stud earrings. I, personally, love them. Small, everyday earrings, easy to wear. But, working with polymer clay, I have had many issues at the beginning with the studs just de-attaching from the earring and falling off. Not cool!

After experimentation and research, not to tire you with the long stories, here is my conclusion and life(earring) saver.

Liquid Polymer Clay. Yes, it also comes in a “liquid“ shape. It works the same as the solid polymer clay - it hardens in an oven, being baked in a 130 C degrees. Depending on the design, I would either “bake the stud in” straight away or bake the component first, then attach the earring stud, cover it with the liquid polymer clay and bake the component again.

Hope that helps!

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