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Jewellery Trends 2023

October 05 2022

Jewellery Trends 2023
Jewellery Trends 2023

Jewellery trends 2023.

I have always dressed quite classic and minimal, keeping my fashion monochrome, mostly blacks, whites, cream and blue tones. As boring as it might sound, its not, as you can always spice up your outfit with the accessories. As I like to think, jewellery is often what makes and completes an outfit. Especially with the upcoming jewelry trends - big shapes, bold colours and large chains, you can keep your outfit simple. Grab your favourite black sweater or white poplin shirt and shift your focus on the newest jewellery trends for 2023. 

Classic silver and gold pieces aren’t going anywhere—if anything, they’re getting more popular. In fact, it is getting more and more popular to mix some silver and gold together! 

Hoops every day.

80s and 90s style has come back to the fashion, so hoop earrings are a big hit. Check our newest addition of large gold plated hoops!


Back to fringes.

This time not as boho as before, but more elegant. Instead of feathers, metal fringes and tassels are at the top! And even better if they are larger than you would usually wear!

Bits and beads.

Craftsy jewellery is here to stay. Going into 2023, mixing various beads, shells, and stones into jewelry is a massive hit. That means, something more wild, un-regular, don’t be afraid to experiment with necklaces and earrings!

Mixing things up.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up. Your earrings don’t need to be symmetrical! Mix and match, wear a different length earrings in your ears, go for a more fun and asymmetrical look!

And which one is your favourite trend this season?